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Furnishings, etc.
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Are you by the phone ready to answer questions about your ad?

 I saw your ad in the paper...
 Are you selling your _____ ?
 Am I speaking to the owner/seller?
 Can you tell me more about it?
 What year, how old is it?
 What kind is it?
 How big is it?
 What color is it?
 What does it look like exactly?
 Does it look good?
 What condition is it in?
 How long have you owned it?
 Why are you selling it?
 What does it need?
 How much do you want for it?
 If I decide I want to look at it, where could I see it?
 Where are you located? 
 How do I get there?
 When could I see it? When are you available?
 When's the best time to call back to arrange it?

 And that's just one caller!

How many calls did you miss from potential buyers?
Do you think they'll call back?
How many callers take the time to come over and look at it?
How many never show up, while you wait?
How many callers ask the same questions?
How many are just curious, not serious?
Do your answers over the phone really motivate them?

 Do they need to SEE IT first?   

How much did that 3 line, 3 day classified ad cost you?!
Wouldn't you like to get a lot more out of that?

Create an adpal easily and be online immediately.
Then just include your adpal address in all your ads!
Show what you're selling!!

      You need Adpal !